Lesley can work with you on current projects to provide an objective perspective on program development, assessment planning, and organization of resources.


Lesley is an experienced public speaker with over 10 years of presenting at conferences, training workshops, and keynoting. Her talks focus on bringing together theory & ideas to share with participants through a lens of storytelling.

Reading List

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The true path to change is forged with empathy, and we have a huge and transformative array of tools that we can put to use in telling stories that people can feel.



Lesley D'Souza

Student Affairs Professional & Data Storyteller

I am a student affairs assessment nerd that specializes in storytelling with data. I frequently speak on topics including data storytelling, building empathy, women in leadership, and student transition.

Storytelling has become a buzzword lately, but that’s only because we’ve realized just how important stories are. They are the vehicle with which we connect to each other and develop empathy. I believe at the core of a good story is truth, and truth can come from meaning found in your data. The connection between data and storytelling is key to building a more truthful understanding of culture, supporting people during transition, and creating transformational experiences.

I believe in holistic student support and empowering students to actively author their learning experiences. I have an MA in College Student Personnel and over 11 years of work experience including 7 years of professional staff management. My primary areas of expertise fall into the following functional areas: assessment & research, digital community, orientation, leadership, student activities, event management, student group advising, and mentoring. I also have experience with residence life, off-campus living, international student services, and career services.


Women in Story Podcast

This podcast is meant to provide a platform for women to tell their stories. They don’t have to be stories that are about women in leadership, but rather, true stories from the lives of women that in turn amplify what is important to each of us; a space where we can find each other and share.

If you’re interested in sharing a story, please fill out this form.

Instagram & the #BeautifulCommute

Lesley is an avid instagrammer. She began commuting 3 hours per day in 2011 and struggled to find a ways to maintain her mental wellbeing during lengthy GO transit and TTC journeys.

She decided to start taking one picture of something beautiful she found on her commute each day. And so the #BeautifulCommute project was born as a way to be mindful during her travels, and to maintain an optimistic outlook. You can find stories from her commute on Instagram using #beautifulcommute, or view a selection of her most recent posts here. All commuters are welcome to join in by sharing their own beautiful pictures on Instagram with #beautifulcommute.

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